The best fat loss diet to lose weight

fat loss diet
A large number of people is overweight today. The basic reason behind this is their diet and lack of exercise.
So here I am providing a diet plan for fat loss. People targeting lean muscle building can also follow this diet plan.

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Fat Loss Diet: Meal 1 (8 to 10 AM)

30 gm oats
1 scoop of corn flakes
1 apple
200ml of milk
Sugar (preferably less)

Fat Loss Diet: Meal 2 (11 to 1 PM)

2 egg whites
2 slice whole grain bread

Papaya shake (without  adding sugar)

Fat Loss Diet: Meal 3 (lunch 1 to 3 PM)

2 chapatis without ghee
Dal (any)
1 bowl brown rice (with paneer, tomato, and onion)
Broccoli (steamed)

Fat Loss Diet: Meal 4 (4 to 7 PM)

1 whole egg
Green tea
2 slice whole grain bread

Fat Loss Diet: Meal 5 (8 to 10 PM)

2 egg whites
2 chapatis
Dal (any)
Sauce (optional)
Broccoli (steamed)

Fat Loss Diet: before bed

200ml toned milk
1 egg white

With this diet and proper exercise, weight can easily be controlled and its also helpful for people who workout.

An article by Nakul Sharma
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