Top 5 free Android apps of may 2017

10 Must Have Android Apps

With such a vast list of apps the android playstore has, it gets rather confusing sometimes to pick some good apps, and we often tend to ignore some pretty amazing apps which, either could not rank well to be visible to us or, were not even available on the playstore to download.
The list we are going to show you here contains some useful apps which would add up to your smartphone's productivity.

1. Comixology Comics

   Comics- screenshot     Comics- screenshot     Comics- screenshot

Though this website provides you with a lot of comics to be downloaded for free, but our soul intent is to provide you with tech news as well, hence, we can not provide you with all the comics. This app does get the job done apparently, as you would find a flood of comics up for grabs. You can browse the seemingly endless list of comic books and get them in your device (and even sync them whenever you want).  The Comixology Unlimited feature gives all-you-can-read access for $5.99 a month.

Get the comixology comics app from here ⏬


2. Evernote

   Evernote - stay organized.- screenshot     Evernote - stay organized.- screenshot     Evernote - stay organized.- screenshot

For a busy blogger like me, who has a job as well, Evernote has always been a savior. It is your list keeper, note taker, voice recorder, to-do manager, web page clipper, and all-around digital multi-tool. Though it seems to be a bit difficult to handle at first, but once you get the hang of it, its as easy as breeze. Talking about productivity, the most productive thing according to me is to sync the content seamlessly across devices, which Evernote does without a hiccup.
Next time you get handed a business card, just snap a picture, and all the critical information will be captured and made search able between all of your devices and computers, as well as accessible on the Web.
Get the Evernote app from here ⏬


3. NordVPN

   NordVPN - Fast & Secure VPN- screenshot     NordVPN - Fast & Secure VPN- screenshot     NordVPN - Fast & Secure VPN- screenshot

If you do not know what a VPN is, you probably do not need the app. Kidding apart, VPN is Virtual Private Network. Though it is supposedly meant to do a lot of productive stuff, but the majority of people uses it to access blocked websites and other content off internet. Though we are not supposed to talk about all this, still this app does deserve to make the list. 
Other than the dark use of this app, you can use public WiFi and your bank transactions safely using this app.
The app is available for free on the playstore, you can download it from here ⏬


4. Fingerprint Quick Action

   Fingerprint Quick Action- screenshot     Fingerprint Quick Action- screenshot

Living in 2017, it can be pretty much taken for granted that your smartphone does have a fingerprint scanner. If you have one, congratulations. But what do you do with it other than unlocking your phone or setting up passlocks for certain apps? Fingerprint scanner is a pretty under utilized hardware feature any device has, and this app tends to make full use of it.
With Fingerprint Quick Action, you can perform various quick actions by either tapping or swiping the scanner. The actions are pretty basic, but useful (expanding notifications panel, recent apps menu and other things like that, nothing fancy, but again, nothing that would hurt for a free app)
So as mentioned, the app is free to install, you can get it from here ⏬


5.  Photofy Content Creation Tool

   Photofy Content Creation Tool- screenshot     Photofy Content Creation Tool- screenshot     Photofy Content Creation Tool- screenshot

Last on the list of the top 5 android apps, is Photofy, whose developer, by the way, is the top developer on the play store, cheers.
The name of the app pretty much speaks for itself, you can edit photos with various effects, templates and all sorts of stuff which does not cost you a penny.
"Photofy is a super-easy photo editing app for consumers and businesses that combines all the features you need in one app: Templates, Filters, Light Effects, Photo Mirror, Fit (Insta-size photos to square for easy sharing to Instagram), Text with 90+ free fonts, Meme editor, Collage maker with over 70+ free layouts, and the world’s largest collection of overlay content (50,000+ graphic elements). Create amazing photos, collages, and marketing content."
Playstore description

You can download the photofy app from here ⏬

If you believe there are some good apps which should make the list, do let us know in the comments section down below.

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