Samsung Galaxy S8 VS Apple iPhone 7 : The battle of the primes

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 lineup, the 'king of the smartphone jungle' title is yet again in danger. The phone has specifications more than enough to throw a challenge to any flagship, be it the Google Pixel, or the iPhone 7. In this article, we will compare the S8 with the iPhone 7, and find out which one comes out to be the winner.

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The Galaxy S8 has a much larger display as compared to the iPhone 7, even after having similar footprint. This is a straight forward advantage in the S8 court as the larger screen estate provides for more productivity and it even looks stunning. Plus the device is fairly comfortable to hold even after having a huge display. The S8 wins this round hands down.


The new Galaxy flagship has made a radical design change over its predecessors, with the fingerprint sensor moved to the back of the device ( which is not a welcome position for a sensor to be, honestly ) and the front of the device covered up mostly with the screen itself, the phone is probably the best looking device so far in the market. The iPhone, however, is no less as far as looks are concerned, but its almost similar to its earlier generation iPhones, and for those who need something new, they might not be very happy with the design. The S8 is less than a millimeter thicker than the iPhone 7, but this also means the camera bump is next to none in it, whereas the iPhone 7 has a protruding camera on the back. Once again, the Galaxy S8 wins here.


Now this is something which has led to android vs iOS wars for the past so many centuries. No doubts, android wins with a knock out blow to iOS when customization is the point of comparison. But here, we are talking about something else. With almost every company producing devices with more or less the same features, we as users tend to find that 'something different' in our device. Samsung has, indeed, managed to pull off that something different, with its very own BixBy, the virtual assistant,
 added support for lock screen shortcuts, allowing the user to reorient the navigation keys and what not. The Samsung DeX is one heck of a hardware accessory exclusive to this lineup. On the other hand, the iPhone 7 does offer solid performance, a very good camera and, umm, the list goes as usual. 'what's different' in your new iPhone if you ask me, I would be speechless after saying a feature or two. Clearly, there is not much of a competition so to say.


While Apple is yet to enter into the Virtual Reality Ecosystem, Samsung has already outed its third generation VR which comes with a controller as well. Though a VR is probably the last thing a busy human being would opt to buy, but still it is a luxury Apple is yet to provide its users.

Wireless charging and battery

The metallic build of the iPhone 7 simply says 'wireless charging not supported, do not waste your time placing the phone on this dock'  just beneath the Apple logo. The Galaxy S8 not only supports cabled fast charging and wireless charging, but also wireless fast charging, something no other phone has as of now.

MicroSD card slot

The Galaxy S8 has two times the storage of the base unit of the iPhone 7, plus it gives the users the ability to add in extra gigs with a MicroSD card expansion, meaning there is always an option for the S8 users to increase the phone memory by a whopping 256 GB, which is a vital difference between the two phones for power users.



Being a total android lover, this was for sure going to be a partial contest, but these are hard facts nobody can ignore. The Samsung Galaxy S8 wins this contest without breaking a sweat, and yet the prices of both the devices are almost comparable. Therefore, going for the S8 would be the best option if you are going to empty your pockets. 
If we missed any important points, do mention those in the comments section down below.

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