Microsoft has brought in cortana to the android lock screen with the latest update

After a lot of tests, the latest update of cortana is finally rolling out. The update brings with it the ability to activate the assistant from the lock screen itself without having to unlock the phone to access it.
To access it, the user would just have to swipe left or right on the lock screen.
This is a very good take from Microsoft to make a hold in the android ecosystem, as cortana has always amazed android lovers with its versatile features.
After updating the app, you will be prompted to set the permission to enable 'cortana on the lock screen'. Once enabled, the usual cortana logo would show up on your lock screen bottom, and you will be able to access all the goodness of cortana from the very lock screen itself.

By making this update, Microsoft has thrown up a big time challenge to android environment as it still misses a completely operational personal assistant that cortana is at its roots. No doubts the android counterpart is pretty good, but still it has a thing or two to learn from cortana, making cortana our hot favourite as for now.
Users can either download the latest update from the playstore, or sideload it from any website online.

Here are a few screenshots giving you an idea of what all cortana can do for you:

What are your thoughts about it? Did you like it? Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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