Latest Whatsapp Update, Format your text on the go

Whenever we send a message to someone, we have a lot of stuff we want to emphasize, the reason why there's the thing called text formatting in this world. While this feature is available one way or the other in almost all the chat apps, it is somewhat difficult and time taking to use it. I mean, who has time to add some extra lines of 'code' to make a word bold or italic or underlined right?

To add to the ever increasing lineup of features, whatsapp has given its users an option to format any piece of text on the go, in its latest beta release.
Now, users do not have to remember any code for formatting the texts, they can simply use these options by highlighting the desired text snippet, and they are good to go.
This, however, does not limit someone to just using this option, you can always format the text the traditional way, only if you know how to, and you have time to do that.

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