Fastrack Reflex Smart Band:now this is what a fitness band should be

Fitness bands are nowadays a very popular choice among not only fitness enthusiasts, but among other people as well, as they offer a lot of functionality which a smart watch offers, but with a price too low as compared to a smart watch.
Though this notion has been changing a lot, with Samsung's gear fit 2 and some high end fitness trackers like that, giving people very less a choice when it comes to fitness accessories in a mid range segment and a typical mid range for a fitness band should not lie with the mid range price of that of a smart watch, let alone a smartphone. 

I am saying it just as a person who appreciates productivity over price. I mean, if i could buy a fully functional smart watch for the same amount, why would i opt for a somewhat less feature rich fitness band right? This is the very reason probably, as why the smart watch/fitness band market has failed to impress lately.
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And then comes fastrack with its very own fitness band, dubbed "fastrack Reflex".
The band, as told by the company, is ideal for both men and women, runs with both iOS and android perfectly, and features all the 'required' specs for a fitness band.

The band comes in three colour variants, Black, blue and purple, with a funky tinge of colours on the inside, making it look like those ever friendly fastrack watches I have always been a big fan of.

Sleep, distance, steps and calorie tracker
Call and SMS alerts
Sedentary reminder
IPX6 water resistant
Oled display(2.3 cm)
Silicone band
Bluetooth support
Works with iOS and android
Activity tracker
Vibration alerts
70 mAh battery with a standby time of 10-12 days

So the last specification might be a turn off for some, I personally don't mind that much considering the price point and the way I would be using the product, as it will mostly be used for physical activities, so not having a touch display won't hurt that much, will it?

While the absence of a touch screen and a heart rate sensor might be a big thing for some, it is not that big a deal considering the price it is offering, and fastrack has always had the reputation of providing quality watches, so this one will also deliver, supposedly.

If you want to buy the band, you can get it from HERE

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