Bixby: Another not so needed butler?

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 lineup, there have been a whirl of new innovations coming along. We have given them all a check, in case you want to know about them, you can click the below links⏬

These hardware things aside, there have been some new software modifications done as well. The biggest one, probably, being the Bixby, Samsung's very own virtual assistant.
There is no doubt in the hard work the company has done to make this happen, but the question rising is, is it really required? While there are already established assistants like the Google Now, and now even Microsoft having extended its Cortana support for Android devices, isn't it just technology getting duplicated? How would Bixby be any different from the already mature assistants? And even if it would be any different, can't that difference be integrated in the existing ones?

No doubts it can be, but what Samsung has done is, it has forced users to stick to Bixby by locking the assistant dedicated button on the S8 devices. This means, even if a user wants to, they can not just uninstall it and head to their already trusted ones. They can not even turn the feature off, a useless button is all they would get by turning it off, as remapping is locked. All what a user is getting as of now is, a deck of vertical cards giving relevant information, nothing too fancy, nothing the google now cards can not do.

This proves Samsung's commitment and future plans for the assistant which is a good thing, for if given a choice to remap the button, some third party apps might intercept with it. Samsung may be worried about the possibility of app developers changing the behaviour of the button without making it clear to the user, as the previous tweak didn’t even require root access. 

As of now, the Bixby is not even fully born, as the voice feature is yet in development stages, and the dedicated button on the S8 is the only way to access it. This is a rather slap to the customers who have spent so much on the newly released flagships, as the assistant is not even fully ready yet, and the device feels half baked.

The photo above is one of the very few prospects of the assistant which look promising as of now, users can access the photos from their gallery, from where Bixby can help them purchase the products online, should they be in the photo. But how relevant this feature is, is yet to be tested.
Moreover, the ever annoying stutter in the transition which used to be the case with Flipboard is still present, which is a bummer considering the device is supposed to be the ultimate powerhouse of the time.
So whether Samsung has made the right decision this time or not, is still a big ? in our minds. No doubts, this is Samsung's way of future proofing their assistant so that they could compete with the likes of alexa and google home in the longer run, but is it a risk worth taking?
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