ZAAP Trifold Pro Bluetooth Keyboard: the best productivity gadget of 2017

If you are a Writer/Blogger/a person who types a lot in general, you might always have come across those times when you miss your personal computer or your laptop whenever you are out.

Though tablets and smartphones are always there in our bags/ pockets, but we all know, they can never replace a traditional typing board, and this, atimes, hinders our productivity.

I, for instance, miss my laptop a lot when I am at work, for I am not allowed to bring it in the office.

This might be the case with a lot of us. So while I was searching for an appropriate device to get rid of this problem, I came across this ultra portable keyboard( how much portable? It fits right into the pockets) from a company called ZAAP TECH.

Model Number
Trifold PRO Bluetooth Keyboard

Tablet Keyboard

Product Details
Sales Package
1 x ZAAP Trifold PRO Portable Bluetooth Keyboard,
 Micro USB Cable, 
User Manual, Friendly Customer Service, Welcome Guide,
 Our fan-favorite 12-month warranty

14 mm
3 mm
18 mm
280 g

This is by far the best wireless keyboard I have tested, and I liked the tactile feedback quite a lot.
Let us know about your views about this keyboard in the comments section down below.

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