The flash S03e18 : abra kadabra, magically unconnected?

The latest episode of the flash brings out an old favourite villain called Abra kadabra, who's a magician from the 64th century, and has troubled Barry allen more times than one in the comics universe.

The episode started with abra performing some good old tricks on 2 policemen, thereby drowning them while searching for pieces of tech in a building. And while it appeared to be just magical, it could have helped the character even more if he had the comic like cape too.

The fact that iris west is soon supposed to be killed was once again exaggerated and Barry allen's commitment to save her was also shown yet again, making us realise that the events happening with abra have to have a relation with Savitar.

This was confirmed when abra kadabra and Barry face off for the first time, and he tells Barry about everything he is going to have in his future, 'I know everything about him, and you' says abra , when Barry asks him whether he knows about Savitar.

Though the earth #19 collector, gypsy introduces abra to the team flash, it was still rather unclear as how this all fits in the whole Barry-savitar scenario, and when abra promises Barry to reveal savitar's identity, things start getting interesting, which would actually let me hook to the episode till the very end, only to know that Barry could not get anything out of abra, such a waste.

Why would they introduce such a strong villain just for a single episode? Or are we to see more of him again, which doesn't seem to be the case as we clearly can make out that the next episode will be all killer frosty.

So whether this episode make any sense or not, is rather unclear.

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