The Feelings Conundrum

When did this become nearly important that every person in a community should hold an opinion same to the majority? Why did we lose respect of the little rebel? In today’s world, an idea which deviates from the on-going famous one is bullied, and sometimes bullied to death.

The norms and the history had been in favor of those who had shown courage to think outside the box. Even it was considered wise to stop and reflect if we had found ourselves at the side of majority. The majority is not wrong if the idea it is sticking itself to is found to be non hurting to the people
But today, our beliefs and Why do we have to censor? 

The censoring of an idea with a mere objective to fit in is dangerous. Why do we have to censor anything? The censoring of words at social sites just to not make people uncomfortable, the censoring of our words just to sugar coat just to not offend even if your heart doesn’t tell you to do so, the censoring of not hand holding, the censoring of our clothes, the censoring of people that who suits well in our life according to what the society has laid out  
Well seen is the situation when new sides of religion, sexuality, gender etc. are arising. The new ideas and norms are not totally opposite of what has been happening since now, but the ideas differ. 

Maybe, it is the time to sit and watch and just think, not to judge. Maybe, it is what the society asks of the modern world.

Is it the loss of patience that we have become immune to the new arising idea? Or is the loss of courage to whole heartedly accept someone else’s beliefs?
The mere acknowledgment of the world changing won’t help, but it is the acceptance with kindness that will do. The holding of things that the new world is saying good bye to is just as dangerous to the new world as it is to you.

I couldn’t help but wonder: have we become really intolerant?
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