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Turn Your Photos into Works of Art

Have you ever had that urgent need of making a photo collage or a custom graphic? If you are a blogger like me, you probably must have gone through this situation more than one time, everyday.

And even if you are not a busy website owner like me, you are a simple fun loving human being, who likes to make collages, and share them online, and would not mind a single tool to solve all your photo editing needs, then this article is for you.

FOTOJET  : An all-in-one free online tool for graphic design, photo collage and photo editing

FOTOJET, as the name speaks for itself, is a fast, efficient, and powerful photo editing tool, when you open the website (, you meet three basic options:

Create a Design

And though I was quite skeptical about the quality of the photos getting degraded, which is one of the most severe issues with a lot of platforms I use, this, for a change, did not disappoint.

It is a cross platform tool so syncing your photos won't be a problem either, and though it is a paid tool, and I got to test it using a premium review account from the owners of the tool, but I checked their website, and the free variant could get the job done too. 

However, if you need are a heavy user like me( I need to constantly create infographics for my websites and youtube channel as well), or if you want all the premium features which include a lot of cool effects, the paid membership is not that costly and you can easily get an annual subscription for a mere 35 dollars.

      pricing and plans for premium membership

  The photo below shows the added benefits of having the paid membership plan, which, according to me, adds up a lot of value over the existing free plan, so it would always be advisable to upgrade.

Kudos to the fotojet team for making such an excellent tool, there are not many available which make it through the article without a bad pointer, this one has seriously impressed.

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