the 21st century Friendship!

Is our life driven by the illusion of friendship or do ‘such things’ really exist? How can friendship be defined? Is it the mere presence of a company or is there anything deeper to this word?

 I won’t be exaggerating if I say that nothing much remains to this word as we move forward in our lives. We hang out because we need company or our digital world, where no human touch exists, would bore us to death (at least, in my case)

We fear alienation. Not everyone consciously fears it, but subconsciously, everyone does. We fear our four walls. But does this fear drive us to be a better person or does it push us to make terrible choices? 

We all need people in our lives. Some of you would say otherwise, but we do. We do need people, and we do need friends.

But what good a friend can a friend be that he/she couldn’t direct the hate coming to us to someplace else? What purpose would he serve in our life that he only pin points out things that we are sensitive to or the things that matter to us? What issues does ‘that friend’ want to raise? 

Is this not better that we keep our distances from such people? And in addition, is it also wiser that we keep everyone else at a safer distance too because we don’t know who’s cooking what for us?

In the today’s world where ‘feelings’ doesn’t matter, is it wise to abstain ourselves from all friendships? Caution definitely asks us to stay away, and then, there comes the drawback that we lose good friend because of the people who pretend to be friends with us. The vice definitely overshadows the truth in today’s world, and thus, the good friends are lost because of our trust issues.

The illusion of the feeling of being friends with someone is harmful. It’s dangerous. No one in the world is given the right to point out your insecurities to you, but you do retain the right to banish his existence from your life.

It is rather advisable to stay away from anyone who practices the things that we object, even if it comes down to EVERYONE. 

Don’t move around bashing them, but STAY AWAY. But again, we think and we are stuck in the realization that not everyone can be abandoned. Not everyone can be left. I couldn’t help but wonder: have we become addicted to company?
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