Samsung galaxy s8:The best galaxy?

Samsung has just unveiled two new phones with a ton of new accessories. Here's a list of all the new features which we are most certainly going to get in the new phone, along with the expected price and release date. So without waiting further, let us get rolling.
The two phones which are announced are the galaxy s8 and the galaxy s8 plus.

Samsung galaxy s8:  the latest phone which is announced has a wraparound edge style display with a 5.8 inch screen size, with very less bezels on the top and bottom, which the company is boasting with utmost pride. Less bezels also mean that the fingerprint scanner is moved to the back of the device as seen on the photograph above. This phone is also bringing with itself Samsung's very own Artificial Intelligence assistant called "Bixby".
The phone will supposedly come with Snapdragon 835 chipset, or with Samsung's own hardware. Other than this, there will be Iris scanning and face recognition on board, just like the unfortunate note 7.

The rear camera is the same as in the Galaxy s7(12 mp). The body is water resistant, yet again. Fast charging and wireless charging are supported. Thankfully, there is a 3.5 mm jack support in the device.

Samsung galaxy s8 plus: The bigger counterpart in the new s8 series, it has a 6.2 inch screen with almost identical specs to the s8, with a bigger battery( 3000 mAh in the s8 versus the 3500 mAh in this one).
New accessories launched: 
Along with the two phones launched, Bixby as already mentioned, and an updated Gear VR headset are also formally unveiled by Samsung, which will come for free with Samsung s8 preorders. Plus, Samsung gear 360 (Samsung's VR capture camera) has also been introduced, with a lot of fixes over it's original counterpart.
Samsung DeX Dock, which will allow the s8 to be used as a desktop computer is also launched. Samsung connect home, which serves as a router is going to be added in the list of our top smart home accessories for sure.
Expected launch:
The phone is expected to launch in Dubai on 21st of April, and we are yet to be confirmed about the worldwide launch, we will keep you posted about the same.

Final verdict:
Though the phone has not brought out some very new revolutionary aspect, still it's a pretty significant improvement over the s7, what are your thoughts about the new galaxy? Is it worth it? Do let us all know in the comments section down below.

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