Nokia 3310 – Out with the old & in with the new!

Nokia 3310 – Out with the old & in with the new! 

Nokia phones stir real emotions,’ said Juho Sarvika, the chief producer of HMD Global. ‘For the Nokia 3310 we just couldn’t resist. We wanted to reward loyal Nokia phone fans and make a statement that rich heritage, innovation and modern design go hand in-hand’.
Who remembers those fantastic little Nokia phones that had amazing battery life and awesome cell coverage? 

Well, it’s time to welcome the Nokia 3310 with its slimmer frame than the older Nokia that most of us remember. The new and improved Nokia 3310 has a 2.4 inch 320 x 240 color screen, is only 12.88mm thick and weighs only 79.6kg unlike its predecessor that weighed a whopping 133 grams and was 22mm thick.  

The new and improved Nokia 3310 has single and dual SIM options and promises to not disappoint Nokia fans and has been designed to use as a ‘festival, weekend or fun mobile’.  If you occasionally need a ‘digital detox; all you need to do is pop your regular sim out of your regular smartphone and pop it into this little gem.

Where the old Nokia 3310 had no camera; this lovely handset comes with a 2 megapixel camera capable of capturing grainy shots, and a LED Flash that can be used as a torch. Not surprisingly the Nokia 3310 has increased battery life offering 22 hours of talk-time and a month of standby time between charges. 

                     This is perfect for people who need extended battery life on their devices. There is nothing more frustrating than having your mobile battery going flat on a business trip or at a time of an emergency and having no back-up. This is an excellent little handset to have in times such as those.
The new edition has an updated version of ‘Snake’, which is apparently not the same as the old snake game which most Nokia fans should remember.  The latest Nokia 3310 has a 16 gigabyte internal storage which should be ample storage for your phone. It has a headphone jack as well as a built-in FM radio.What more do you need?

Before you concern yourself about not being able to connect to the web, don’t fret! It runs Nokia Series 30+ and users are able to surf the web via the Opera Mini Browser and a 2.5G connection. It does not have GPS connectivity, WIFI and you cannot download apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram but who needs that when you want a bit of a break from technology.

 This little phone is sure to keep Nokia fans happy and talking whilst being incredibly durable and reliable. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on one of these little wonders!
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