How to recover forgotten password in less than 10 seconds

Have you ever auto-saved a password of some online account in your browser and then forgotten about it? And now you can login to your account from that device but since you do not know the password, you can not access the account anywhere else, sucks right?

While there are many options to recover a lost password, you can always recover your account from the various recovery options, but sometimes we are too careless to set up proper recovery options as well.

In this short tutorial, I will tell you an easy way to recover those passwords which are auto saved in your browsers( Only the auto saved passwords can be recovered using this ).

So let us start with it:

1: Open the account password page:

2: Hover to the password window and press the right click button of your mouse

3:Hit inspect:

4: Find type='password' and change it to text:

5:Press Enter and you have your old, forgotten password, right there:

And that's it, you can get your password details in a matter of seconds without having to go through those password recovery methods.

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