Happy Staff = Productive Staff

Happy Staff = Productive Staff
By Carol Green
Whilst on the web today in search of trending hot topics I came across this fascinating article on the violence at took place at the Marutis Manesar Susuki Plant in 2012. The factory is located 25 miles South of New Delhi and employs a huge number of staff. Tragically the companies Human Resources Manager was burnt to death and an additional 100 workers were injured when a violent mob of disgruntled employees targeted senior management. This event lead to the factory being closed for an entire month, causing the company huge losses in revenue.

"Armed with iron rods and door beams of cars, the mob spread out in groups in the factory area and targeted supervisors, managers and executives... rendering many of their victims bleeding and unconscious," Marutis said in a statement.

What has caused people to still be attracted to a tragic event such as this which occurred quite a few years back? Curiosity, Relevance, Unhappiness in the workplace? What causes employees to react to situations in such a violent way? Wage disputes, Management Issues, Personal Issues, and Unfairness in the workplace? This story once again caused my mind to wonder….

Internationally both big corporate companies, as well as your smaller home businesses, have internal disputes that have been known to get out of hand.  Some which are reported in the media and others which are not. Mr. Richard Branson’s said, “Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees they will take care of the clients.”

Every company should ensure that their staff are taken care of both financially and emotionally.  Statistics show that we will spend more time in our lives at work than with our loved ones. With statistics like these we should at least be happy in the workplace, and employers should prioritize trying to seek ways to ensure the well-being of their staff.

Further research has shown that 70% of employees are actively disengaged at work, and one third of employees say that their managers do not listen. Working with people is not always easy as each one has their own internal battle that they are facing. Whether that be the owner, manager or employees each one is trying to overcome some or other challenge that they are facing.

Further studies show us that employees should be rewarded whether that be monetary or with company swag, this will immediately boost their self-esteem and reduce their stress levels. Employees have mouths at home to feed and if they feel that they are being undervalued this will lead to dissatisfaction, high staff turnover and negativity in the workplace leading loss in production.

Employees should know and understand from day one of their involvement in the company what the company’s vision and goals are. Employees should fully understand and be able to fulfill the duties assigned to them. Employers should let the staff know what the future plans are for the company, so that they can also feel secure and inspired in having an idea of what the bigger picture looks like. Employees at the same time let their employer know what their goals and visions are. No employer wants to invest time and money in training an individual who does intend to invest their all into the company. That is not fair on the employer either.

Employer’s should encourage growth in the careers of their staff and encourage them to expand their vision in life. It is absolutely vital that employers should take the time to recognize and praise the individual’s abilities, achievements and growth in the eyes of their peers. The company’s employees should not feel unsettled in their positions or ever unsure of their future with a company; if they are valuable to a company they should be treated as such. 

Open communication and as much transparency as possible is vital at all times is also very important in any working environment.
I wonder if by putting a few of the above mentioned things into play in your business if your staff would be happier in the workplace? Would you recognize the change? Research has proven time and time again that by having happy, healthy staff in any business increases productivity, profitability of the company and also drastically improves the overall culture of the organization.
Businesses all over the world need workers; and workers need businesses to work for. Individuals have dreams and visions, they shut down and become demotivated when they feel they are not being adequately rewarded or not progressing in life. Find ways to engage and communicate well with your staff in order to know their vision.

Don’t let your business be one that people shy away from or work for with a heavy heart due to bad working conditions or a reputation for ill-treating or underpaying their staff. Make sure that you build your staff and engage with them in order to ensure both their happiness and success, as well as the success of your business.
Follow the link below for the full story on the 2012 Marutis Plant Fire.

‘New Delhi:  A court in Gurgaon in Haryana has convicted 31 workers for the violence at the Maurti Suzuki factory in Manesar in 2012 in which a manager was set on fire in a conference room. A mob tore through the plant in Haryana owned by India's largest car manufacturer, smashing property and setting parts of the factory on fire. Human Resources Manager Awanish Kumar Dev was burned to death. Nearly 150 workers were arrested, of whom 117 were found not guilty today of charges including criminal conspiracy and murder.’ Extracted from the article on NDTV site.

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