3 Best Tricks to Earn Money When starting a blog

So you started your blog, applied for adsense, made some 'quality' articles, and started dreaming about earning piles of money in a jiffy, eh?

At least it happened with me when i stepped foot in this arena, I        thought it would be easy, I mean I had some 900 facebook friends,    and I was a college topper in mathematics, so I could easily make  out, a minimum of 900 pageviews a day ain't bad a start at all.


Now in this article, I won't be telling you how to increase your pageviews or how to design your website well, I'll focus this article on the top 3 earning sources which pay you the maximum for the minimum number of hits.

So the article consists of 3 basic sources of earning:

1.link shortening
3.Affiliate marketing

1.Link shortening: 

Link shortening is by far the best and the easiest way to earn money for you do not even need to have a website for earning money using this thing.

Now there are hundreds of link shortening websites available on the internet and I have used them all, one day or the other, so I kind of know their payout rates, and on the basis of that, I have come to a conclusion that linkshrink is the best among all.

Their payout rate is just $5 and considering all the factors (country from which the traffic is coming from etc) , you can easily earn not less than $2.5 per 1000 views, which is astonishing because you earn very less( some $0.3 from shortest ).

Watch the video to know about the payout rates linkshrink offers

The interface is very user friendly, plus there are other options for earning money like pop unders as well, 

So if you want a link shortening service for your website, you can definitely go for linkshrink.

Sign up for linkshrink from HERE


Getting Adsense approval is a fairly difficult task especially when you are new, let alone the restrictions Google implies on you, So to save myself from all this hassle, 

I opted for two different ad servers, with lesser minimum payout, and somewhat equal amount of money as one could get from Adsense

3.Affiliate Marketing:

You do not need any traffic at all when it comes to affiliate marketing, even if you could convince someone personally to buy anything, you are good to go.

Flipkart and Amazon are by far the best affiliations you could possibly go for.

Affiliate marketing is an altogether different approach of earning money online as it focuses on the number of sales generated through your website, not the amount of clicks, so consider someone buying an Ipod from your blog or website and the commission is 4%,say, 

So you straightaway earn $4 if it is of $100, easy enough right?

So these are the top 3 techniques by which you could kickstart your earnings from the get go.

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