When Sony released the Playstation series, it almost took the whole world of gaming with it to the top, long gone were the 8 bit days, and people having the playstation consoles were considered "cool".

Alongwith the playstation series, there are a lot of other gaming console brands worth playing, and most of us can not have them all,reasons being infinite.

So i decided to make an article for us all, which will guide you to get a plethora of gaming platforms on a single one: your pc. So alongwith the main title, you get to know about some other gaming platforms too, sounds neat eh?

For the ease of reading the article, I am dividing it into two sections, first being all the software(emulators) required to run the games, and the second being, well, the games.


Here is a list of the emulators which you can install to start being "cool" again, you can click on the names of the emulators or the roms to download them for free:



2.ROMS: You can download all the required roms(or iso) from the links given here

Soldiers video games call of duty xbox call playstation 3

Emuparadise is,without any doubts, a paradise for gamers, for you can relive your childhood memories by playing those nearly extinct, but vital games right on your pc for absolutely no cost at all.

So what are you waiting for? Go get them all, and , HAPPY GAMING.

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