The last of this night has called upon,now my eyes are waiting for that dawn

That crimson chime that'll matter our lives,the things we begin with the things we strive,

Its not you its the cosmos that plays the part,so why my dear you are afraid of dark

Adamant to the ways you'll start, will it be mind again or this time its heart?

Its knows no bounds whether it be day or night, just remember on the new arrival you again have to fight,

It doesn't matter if the world has frown,because my eyes are waiting for that dawn

The strange way of time and the dance of nature, hope is your only tool for the future,

Day after night and night after day, your work pays out but the memories will stay

Past has your soul and future has you life, if not careful present will hang on the knife

Work out that grief, and stop being a kid, conserve all that you have its time to bid

So does it matter if the past is gone, because as I said my eyes are waiting for the dawn

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