If you have started out going to gym, If you are maintaining track of your calorie expenditure, If you have started or if you are already running for fitness, then fitness trackers or activity trackers are probably not a new term for you.

While there are some considerably expensive fitness trackers available in the market, but if you want to have a budget device, for you are either just a beginner or are too reluctant to invest a lot of money in a FITBIT, here is a very good fitness tracker that won't hurt your pockets that much.

The band


GOQii Band Video Review by indianexpress

The build quality of the Goqii band is quite good. It doesn't cause any skin irritation or discomfort at all.I even wear it while taking a shower. 

You shouldn't swim with the band, though, as it is not waterproof. The capsule that houses the display slides neatly into the band and we never felt that it was going to pop out. 

However, the buckle isn't as secure and every few days we found that it had unclasped itself. Luckily we spotted this in time or we'd have lost the band in crowded trains.

The display is sturdy. It shows basic fitness data such as steps taken, distance covered, time spent active, etc. At times we had to tap it more than once to make it switch between data points but it worked fine most of the time.

 It takes around two hours to charge the band and we were happy with its battery life - around 10 days.

The Goqii Band is pretty accurate when measured against the activity recorded by an iPhone. Almost always, I found the variation between the two devices to be around 500 steps or less which is not bad at all considering the price tag.

 The band works with both android and Ios without any known issues yet. The Goqii app synchronises all the data from the band, using bluetooth low energy module.

At present, it has two color variants, I tested the full pitch black one but I found the red one to be more striking, this, however, depends on a persons' choice and I would leave it upto you to decide.

If you happen to have any queries about the band, post in the comment section below.

Here's a link if you want to purchase it

You also get a 3 months subscription for a fitness coach along with the band, from AMAZON, at INR 1,999.

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