"Why don't you understand maa? I am following a fitness regime, can't have this much of sugar, will you ever let me be alone when I am cooking? Its seriously frustrating!"

"You go to gym, you eat so less, I know you can cook now, and I feel proud, but I have experience enough to tell you, you should add more sugar, what's life without sweetness my son?"

And I rush out of the kitchen, completely frustrated and disgusted at how pushy someone can be. Just for you all to know, I was a big fat monster once, and I have lost almost half of my weight in life, no doubts, this so called achievement took a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. And I feel proud that I did that. I follow a healthy lifestyle and eat a very specific set of food items. But whenever I am home, my mother always tries to make me eat more, for no apparent reasons (at least for me). Sometimes I let it go, sometimes I shout at her. In the wild rush of getting good education, making a good career and hence, supporting my family, I have no time to think about anything else, and I don't think for once that it is something wrong that I am doing. After all, I am doing all this for the betterment of me and my peers. Who doesn't want to have a secure future right? So whenever my mother starts "cribbing" about how alone she feels, I generally get infuriated because I can't help her loneliness. I, being the so called "android guy", have made her phone just capable enough that she can see me everyday, talk to me for free (trust me this free calling is the only thing I got appreciated for, knowing so much of Android), text me, and send and receive photographs of events. While I believe I've done just enough, she thinks otherwise, this is the problem with this previous generation of ours eh? Too much emotions they live with. And I just can't stand that. I believe in working for the future- my future and theirs. I hate being at home, as she troubles me in whatever I intend to do.

And if you happen to be reading this, you should know that the above lines are coming out from my diary, where I write what I can't share with the world. So why on earth would I share it now? 

6:00 A.M

The chirp of the familiar bird sitting on the tree in my backyard woke me up, and I rushed to kitchen to make my "pre workout meal". "Got late today, you!" Hurrying up to my dining table, I set up everything, and had the first bite. To add to the frustration of getting late, I had to feel the bad taste of a tea I forgot to put sugar in. Trust me, being a tea lover, you just can't stand tea without sugar. This is where I accidentally threw a packet of medicines down the table. Picking it up, I saw my mom, still sleeping in the bedroom. It was her medicine I had dropped, and I had this strange feeling, that had she been awake, she would not have let me pick it up. I started thinking more, and the more I thought, the more ashamed I got. 

The "add more sugar" incident flashed into my mind, and tears rolled down my guilty eyes. The medicines were something related to her diabetes, and it was only then when this stupid android brain of mine interpreted the real meaning of "what's life without sweetness my son?"

I finished my meal, went to her, gave her a peck of kiss on her forehead, accidentally waking her up in the process, gave her a hug and man did that make her day. I could see the happiness in her eyes. Never had I ever felt an emotion like this.

I know I bored you all off, but believe me I am equally surprised that I wrote this down, and this is a real incident my friends. If you happen to read this, I would not consider this post a success if you like it or give a comment down below as I always ask you to do. This time, your android guy asks you to get up, go to your mother, and give her a hug and a kiss for no reason. Come on, go do it right now. For in my grandfather's lines, "There's only one thing in this world you can't get twice - Mother"


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