Gmail is probably the best email service for any android user. The Gmail app is installed on almost every device as it is an integral part of the G-APPS. It's fast, easy to use, and on the whole, it makes email as painless as it's ever going to be.

But with a hidden feature here or a settings tweak there, it's possible to get even more out of the app. Here are nine features in gmail that you probably didn't know:

1. View your unread messages

Tap the search icon and type is:unread. And that's it — you'll now see only those emails you haven't yet opened. There's no way to save the search, but if you use it often enough, it will remain near the top of your recent searches list and never be more than two screen taps away.

You can get even more specific by adding search terms as well. For example, in:unread vacation will show only unread emails containing the word vacation.

2. Smarter searching

Gmail uses a huge number of operators that give you the power to create very specific searches. Google maintains a full list of them on its website.
You'll never need to use many of them — searching the message-id header, for instance — but a number are genuinely useful. Here are some of the highlights:

from:[name], to:[name], cc:[name] — Search for a sender or recipient.

+[word], -[word] — Match or exclude specific words.

after:[yyyy/mm/dd], before:[yyyy/mm/dd] — Search for mail sent or received before or after a certain date.

older_than:[time], newer_than:[time] — Search for mail older than, 2d (two days), 3m (three months), 4y (four years), etc.

has:attachment, filename:[filetype] — Search for any attachment, or those of a specific file type.

3. Control with gestures

You can quickly read all your emails by opening one and then swiping left, like you're turning the page of an ebook, to view each subsequent message. 

4. Select multiple messages

You probably know that you can select multiple messages in your inbox by long pressing on one then tapping others. But you can also select emails simply by tapping the colorful circle to the left side of them, allowing for super quick multi-selecting.

5. Format your mail

There are basic formatting options in the Gmail app, but they're a little tucked away. To access them, long press in the compose window when you're typing an email and select Format. A formatting bar will open, giving you these options:
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Text color
  • Text background color
  • Clear formatting
6. Mute conversations

Open one of the messages in the conversation, tap the three dot menu button and select Mute.

Muting a conversation means that all future replies will bypass your inbox and be automatically archived. It only applies to that specific conversation thread, and you'll still see other incoming mail from the same people.

7. Let it learn

This service learns what is important through various factors including who the sender is, what you read, reply to, archive, or delete. It improves automatically over time, but you can help it on its way with a little manual fine tuning.

If a message is wrongly marked as important (as in, the yellow importance marker is checked beside an unimportant message), open the message, then hit the three dot menu button, and choose Mark as not important. Similarly, you can mark messages as important if they haven't been.

8. Add non-Gmail accounts

Android devices famously ship with two email clients: one for Gmail and one for everything else. That no longer needs to happen as Gmail can handle email accounts from other services.

9. Share an email with other apps

You can do that by long pressing on a word within a message. Little blue tabs will appear on either side of the word, so drag them apart to highlight all of the text you want to save. Then select Share from the little menu box that opens just above, and choose the app you want to save it to.
You can save the text to Evernote, post it on Slack, copy it into a document, or use it in any other compatible app.

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