Trying to sleep but still wide awake? You followed the sleep suggestion given by someone and yet the angel of sleep is nowhere roaming around you? Well, check out your sleeping problems with us, before you try out those new “so called grandma tales” again!

1) No fitness routines before sleep!

If you have had one of your friends suggest you to abstain from any fitness regime before sleep, think twice! Study suggests that a light exercise routine can actually help you sleep faster because of the extensive demand for rest from your body.

2) No sleep weekdays? Weekend is perfect!

If you are still clinging to the strategy of sleeping out the hours on the weekends, try something else! According to latest research the body does not accept any extra sleep for the weekdays on a weekend. Its time you stop acting about the whole sleep thing. Get up now!

3) Coffee helps for me, what about you?

If any of your friends brag about having coffee to help them sleep better, do not believe it! Caffeine in the coffee activates your brain cells, keeping you awake longer than usual. Try telling that to your friend won’t you. Make them shut down on a cup and watch them doze off way early!

4) Yawn ha? Time to sleep!

Yawning is your body’s way of cooling down your brain and not simply your time-to-sleep indicator. The concept of yawn is still a big mystery for researchers, until then, do not go around believing it that you have got to sleep. Although you can, if you are sleepy enough!

5) Count your sheep for a better drooling sleep

Just for once, let those sheep be in their barn, and try thinking of something that is not actually stressing your brains out! Simply counting sheep as shown in one of your childhood cartoons is not going to help. It makes your brain more active in terms of its processing. Think of something less stressful, won’t you?

6) Early to bed, early to rise

Well, this nursery rhyme which was once your sleep solution way back is no longer now. The technology has developed and so is your lifestyle. Simply creeping up under your sheets won’t help you sleep faster!

You didn’t fall asleep reading this, did you?

Check out the video to know some health benifits of yoga:

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