"Trrrr… rataratarat… kat khali, 1, 2, 3, 4... Start doing push ups you jerk."

It was a horrible dream, getting punishment from a senior in the National Defence Academy. When he woke up, all sweaty, in his hostel room, a civilian one again, missing the good and the bad times he spent in army.
Will he get the life he ever wanted again? 
Will he ever be happy?
Will he ever fit in this culture?

He closed his eyes again, and tried to get some sleep before the first lecture of his engineering.
“This too shall pass...”, he uttered, as he always used to before sleeping.

Waking up in the morning, he saw 3 strange people in his room, sleeping till 9 AM in the morning, which was a bit unusual for him. He got ready for the classes, dressed up in his army like attire, with his jeans almost touching his man nipples, no need to comb as there was not a single hair on his head. He went to have his meal and rushed to the classroom.

“So you are from army huh? What has army taught you so far?”, asked miss Ankita, the hottest teacher so far he had encountered, almost of his age.

“Ma'am army has taught me to be at the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform”, he said.
He was feeling like Shah Rukh Khan from “Mai Hoon Na” at that time, as all the other students were literally kids to him.

“I am sorry to tell you this Dhruva, but probably army didn’t teach you enough, you are sitting in the wrong class”. He got up, all ashamed, knowing exactly that he has screwed it up big time.

While coming out, he uttered, ”Phew, civilian life ain't easy”…


Hurry up you!!! Its already 8:55 man!
It was apparently not easy for his friends to dress up as quick as he could considering he had literally no hair on his head to style on.
Life was slowly getting back on track,considering all the good guys he met up there,the awesome lpu lifestyle nevertheless.
It was somewhat an easy job for him to do,having a simple puny target to achieve- get good grades
Apparently his girlfriend’s elder brother had put on some sort of challenge to him,in his words “9 pointers of first semester end up being the guys with the most amount of backlogs in their ums accounts and cigarettes in their hidden vaults”

The first two semesters finally ended,ending a lot of things in his life-his girl had left him,so much for the everlasting love,his head finally had some hair on it,the jeans were slowly and steadily lowering down from the awkward chest level to the university standards-one hand always ready to pull em up in case of a classroom wardrobe malfunction . the first year friends taken away from him,making him a loner once again…..” ima commit suicide man,I cant just take it anymore”…..

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